Let’s start with a bit of figures that follow from the Banking and Non-Banking Client Information Register statistics for last year.

Want a cheaper loan? 

Want a cheaper loan? 

  • According to them, Czechs owe about 1.5 trillion and last year borrowed more than in 2013.
  • Housing loans are included in these figures, yet 62% of people have experience in lending money.
  • More than half of Czechs live on debt and 4% of people with long-term loans last year had problems with repayment.
  • Among people with short-term credit, it was even 11%. These figures are worse than in 2013.

However, the situation could improve if creditors were more encouraging their clients to repay responsibly. For example, it works great thanks to repayments for timely repayment.

Borrow from a lender who values ​​you

Borrow from a lender who values ​​you

Fair repayment to cheaper loan. Several credible institutions on the Czech market already follow this motto. These lenders repay their clients if they repay on time. Thanks to their responsible approach, clients can save thousands of crowns a year.

You should never underestimate the choice of a company from which to take a loan. In addition to the basic parameters, you should also be interested in whether the creditor will repay part of the installments in an honest payment. We first came back with interest refunds in the Czech Republic in 2010, and we want to prove that we value your honesty.

We will return up to 21 installments per year


With us you can find out in advance how much we will repay you with honest and timely repayment. Simply put – the more payments you make, the more you get back. For example, if you borrow $ 100,000 and pay CZK 1,899 each month, we’ll return 21 payments.

Use the installment calculator on our website and you will immediately get an indicative amount that we can refund you. If you are interested in a specific amount, write to us, call or leave a message.


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