Are there any bonus points in Good Finance? Information about using Good Finance bonus points is provided in the following section. Good Finance, which is one of the largest chain of grocery stores, is frequently mentioned by its various campaigns. When you participate with Money points campaigns, in addition to the shopping points loaded on your card, it offers many campaigns to its customers through agreements with banks.

Since Good Finance has agreements with many banks, many question marks have arisen regarding the use of bonus points in these markets. Does Good Financet get bonus points? Can I redeem my bonus points for Good Finance?

Does Good Finance Pass Bonus Points?


Yes, you can redeem the bonus points you have earned in the Good Finance supermarket chains. When you pay with your credit card with bonus feature, you can send this to the cashier and tell them that you want to use your bonus points. If your bonus points have not expired, you can redeem them without any problems.

At the same time, because Good Finance markets appear as bonus member workplaces, you will earn bonus points when shopping from here. In other words, you will earn bonus points not only for bonus points, but also for your other purchases. You will be able to use these points for your different purchases. One of the points to consider here is the duration of the bonus points.

How to Use Bonus Points in Good Finance?

How to Use Bonus Points in Good Finance?

There are no criteria for using bonus points . Bonus points are the points earned through purchases from contracted workplaces, and the points you earn through periodic campaigns may increase further. You do not have to spend these points in the same place. You can come and spend bonus points that you earned from X company at Good Finance. The bonus points you earn will be accumulated on your card and you will be warned whether you will be asked to use them during each spend. Just tell the cashier that you want to use bonus points.

How long are the bonus points?


In general, bonus points are the points that should be used within 1 year after the card is loaded. In some cases these bonus points may be reset at the end of the year. However, this may vary if you have participated in periodic campaigns and earned more bonus points. For example, if your bank purchases more than 100 TL 50 TL bonus points are committed, and if you participate in this campaign, the bonus points you earn can be 1 month, or even 1 week. Points can be deleted from your account if you do not use bonus points during this time.

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