Do not expect complicated information on how to invest on the stock exchange. These books will give you an easy way to think about money and help you solve basic life situations.

Poor and rich dad

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If you want money to work for you, an essential reading is Robert cult book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The author explains the different approach to money between truly rich people and the middle class.

Taming of debt


You can read about the financial problems of specific Czech families in the book Debtors of Debts, which was based on the television series of the same name. They are cut out of trouble by experts and you can inspire them.

The richest man in Babylon

Lason wrote the slim book Richest Man in Babylon in 1926, and thanks to the universal rules he incorporated into it, he is still a popular handbook. The book contains several stories, in one of them banker will teach the scribe how to get rich with honest work.

Personal finance

Personal finance

If you need to put your money in order, go for the book Personal Finance. You will follow the model Czech family of the Sample with two children. Parents need to pay all bills, but also want to start saving for retirement and children for studying.

Where the money grows

Where the money grows

Financial literacy is one of the most important things parents can pass on to their children. Therefore, do not forget about it and give children the basics in time. In the book, where the money grows, the little schoolchildren get familiar with the concepts of rent, debt and interest.

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